Friday, March 27, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

Three days of almost no sleep caught up with me. My poor Sophie girl went from playing happily with her friends to sickie-poos and throwing up and hanging limply on her mama. I was really impressed that she stopped throwing up by the time we went to sleep for the night, and then she just had yucky poos and sat on me and nursed/napped/watched PBS kids all day. She got up and played a bit each day, even, and was almost back to normal yesterday... enough to not even nap!!! so by 8pm when she was FINALLY down (she had slept in til 8am b/c of waking once or twice in the night), I felt totally burned out. For the past couple nights, I was either waking up a lot to settle her down, change sickie-poos, or sit on the couch with her nursing/sleeping on my lap, b/c it was the only thing that made her feel better (and cooler I think! Smart girl!) Of course, by the time Dashing Daddy was home, it was clear I was getting sick. And when I awoke in the night to see him propped up, not sleeping, I guessed correctly that he was, too.

We both felt sooooo gross this morning, but we are doing all right. We had to send Sophie to Grandma's house all day. I missed my girl! But I know we needed the rest and after a week cooped up inside, she was probably better off with a good playmate at a new house. She wasn't nursing much yesterday anyway. Oh yeah, last night I realized she has at least two of her last molars coming in-- got a glimpse of the bottom back of her mouth. Add that to the one upper canine coming in right now, and wow!

I hope we all get some good rest tonight. I am tired of feeling so lousy. Whine, whine, whine.

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