Thursday, March 5, 2009

So what's going on...

I just heard I'm being transferred to a different high school next year, where every class meets daily. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for perfect scheduling so I can go for 3-4 hours daily and not get stuck with periods 1 and 4 and be totally screwed.

A few other moms and I finally started a writing group and had our first meeting. We're going to keep each other motivated and share our individual areas of expertise. I got back into my novel finally, after a week or more, and realized (after pounding out two new scenes and reworking some messy info dump about midway through) that I've added over 7,000 words since starting revisions. Not bad! So now it's like 57K and closing in on 58K. I bet I add a LOT of words with the new side adventure I'm planning to add to the second half, and the big expansion of the final showdown with the big bad of book #1.

Then all I have left is writing the rest of book #2, and writing all of book #3, including slogging through three notebooks of passionate and crazy notes. And getting readers. And revising. And editing. And writing queries and summaries and getting 1,000 rejections. Yay!

I would write these novels even if no one else could ever read them. I have to write them. But it's nice to dream about getting published some day.

And it's particularly gratifying to listen to my sweet Sophie start to make up stores. "Once upon a time... Sophie! and... Icebat! AAANNNNNDDDD... Peako! shoes and socks! Go to park. Playyyyy. Play and Play and Play. Saaand. Swing." (The End)

I love it! I asked her questions and modeled a few things one time through, and after that she just went and made up all these little stories about her or her two Ugly Dolls going on daily adventures.

She also took one of her socks and invented sock puppets :) And made me do one, too, because whatever she finds can be turned into a baby and a mama (finger-babies, leaves, rocks, poles, napkins, water glasses, toes, whatever!) and often daddy and "who are these odder guys?" when there are extra toes, lol. So she prompted me to make a mama sock puppet and they went on adventures all around the park, too. They climbed trees and ran across the lawn to the path, and searched and searched for their friends Peako and Icebat.

This is the kind of thing I could do all day, every day.

(I'll post pictures of Sophie wearing her Uglies in my silk sling all bundled around her tiny torso as soon as I get them!)

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