Saturday, May 30, 2009

Potty Learning

Smiling fairy

((Here is Sophie posing at the fairy on the postcard from her Auntie M. Of course we have Santini Organic Condensed Milk, but she was pleased as punch to imitate it all. She LOVES imitating.))

Sophie was in panties and shorts/pants for almost the entire day (one stint nakey-bum, including her nap) and she only had two accidents. One time we'd tried the potty twice with no luck, and very shortly afterward she started to go and dashed to the potty. Got a good amount in the potty, not just on her clothes and a bit on the tile by the potty. One time we had tried but I knew we should try again... and she peed. It was all contained in her panties/pants, none on the floor, but also none in the potty. She's been fine nakey-bum for months now, even through naptime. But she's prone to fiddling with her bum, which leads to a scratched-up bum and yucky hands. So we're pressing on to full potty learning, with clothes. I really believed it would just take a few days, like with the naked learning worked out, because she was reacting as soon as she went in her 7th gen training pants. And it seems to be heading that way! We'll see what happens.

Fabulous morning playing with the old Boggle Jr Nonna passed along to us, dancing like maniacs to Thoroughly Modern Millie tunes, making tents and reading books. Nice early nap she did with just one nursing interlude and fun afternoon with the grandparents over while Gpa and Dashing Daddy worked on the new family business.

I'm winning the battle of the overly chaotic and dirty house, but it's fighting me the whole way. Our dishwasher is leaking copiously, a glass smashed over by Sophie's little table, and there's still plenty to do. I'm determined to get it in shape and start going through the place for STUFF for the garage sale in three weeks. Dashing Daddy's been working almost nonstop and the total lack of breaks, besides a shower here and a bedtime story there, has resulted in accumulated chores. It's never ending! Also, wanting to sit and watch Sophie to help her catch pees means less running up and down the stairs and out to the laundry and into the kitchen. But it seems to be worth it! How awesome would it be for her to be fully diaper-free before I go back to work in August?

She has three molars still working their way through, one canine that's been poised to pop for AGES, and then there will be just one last top back molar to go. She might even be done with teething before I return to work! THEN can I get a LITTLE morsel of sleep? She still very much wants to be in the family bed, and we want her there too, so long as we're not disrupting her sleep...but a more settled sleep after the oral pain is GONE would be loverly :)

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