Saturday, June 27, 2009

And while we're on the subject...

So, there are two bad secret ingredients of Hershey's chocolate...

First, most chocolate is on our don't-eat list (as I mentioned in my previous post) because it has artificial flavors. And, well, it tastes like crap. Luckily there's plenty of real chocolate available, even at the regular grocery store. It's just European and pricey. And there's even more choice at Jimbo's and the like. I remember what Hershey's chocolate used to taste like, how it used to melt in your mouth... it's just not the same anymore. It tastes fake and yucky. And of course Hershey's bought Cadbury and now the Cadbury we get in the USA is not the same stuff from England imported over here (which would be a dream-- yum!) but more of the same garbage. They ruined Cadbury Eggs! The gall.

And of course, another very important reason to avoid this stuff: The other secret ingredient is slavery. Yum!

It's not like I'm going to buy Hershey's if they switch to fair trade, unless they also switch back to selling chocolate and not just chocolate-FLAVORED bar food products. Or what have you. But I will still tell them to stop supporting slavery.

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