Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Revenge of the Space Pandas

Sophie riding a D-something eagle

Apparently, that's a children's play by David Mamet. Awesome! Someday I'm sure Sophie will love it, seeing how it combines space and pandas. And who knows, it's not too late to develop a healthy taste for revenge.

Today we all went to the zoo (Dashing Daddy having worked all afternoon Sunday with the other business owners/family members who have jobs during the week, he came with!), and it was great fun. The best part might be that Sophie wore panties the whole time. We visited the potty once maybe halfway through our visit (after the drive down and nursing/waiting to assemble with some other parents and babies, plus plenty of animal sightings from the Beco), and once before we left. So we're giving her reminders, especially before leaving the house or going into, say, the library, but we have only used training pants at night for probably a week now. At 25.5 months, she's doing so well. I can't believe what a grown-up girl I have now.

Mommy and Sophie smiling about something, by elephants

Pictures from the zoo coming soon I hope. I'll slap them on here after uploading them.... Okay, they're here! :)

That camel totally came over to pose for us!

Sophie checking out the tusks on that elephant!

And look at this adorable bunny we saw in the rabbit habitat:
What is THIS?! I'm sure she was saying

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