Monday, June 1, 2009

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So, a couple weeks ago Sophie was still doing the "I need to be contrary and reject anything presented to me, even if it's nonsensical" two-year-old thing she was doing, and she didn't want to get in the car after visiting the store. She said it wasn't our car. So I said, "Oh, it is Miss Ivanna DeSweet's car?" and Sophie agreed, and Miss Ivanna promptly got in.

Here they come!!!

Now we frequently leave the house saying we are going to the moon in a rocket, and we get in the car as Miss Ivanna and her friend. Sooooo cute to hear Sophie glurble Miss Ivanna DeSweet.

Up in the sky-- Daddy showed up!

Today she had no diapers, no training pants, no nakey bum (except a few minutes in the morning when she caught herself in the mirror and just had to dance for a few minutes while I got dressed-- "I have to DANCE! I'm naked! I have no shirt to-day!") and no accidents. We took a nap with panties/pants for the first time, and rode in the car and did the grocery store and returned home. We'll see what happens when she really NEEDS to go while we're out, but we tried before and after walking through the door, and I had prefolds, potty, clean pants, etc....

Oh gotta go, baby girl calls... erm, Miss Ivanna DeSweet calls....


Finally out.  I can't believe I got her down with Tigger dancing twenty feet away.

My favorite ride! ;)

My sleeping beauty


Charndra at Part Time EC said...

That's a nice mei-tai. What is it? Which other slings do you have?

I have a Baby Kompowe mei tai, an Ergo, an Earthslings Pouch, a few ring slings (3) and a cheesecloth wrap. I love baby wearing...


Leanne said...

Thanks! It's a Beco (soft-structure carrier), an old 4th generation one. I have two of those in different prints, and a sakura bloom ring sling. I also use Mei Tai Baby mei tais and Gypsy Mama stretchy wraps when the babies (well, this one and potential future ones!) are little.

I LOVE how free and contained I feel when I have Sophie on my back. I feel scattered enough as it is, it's so nice not having a stroller and/or kid to worry about losing, lol.