Monday, September 7, 2009

Shameless brag post

Okay, I have been way busy with work (and erm facebook) but I'll try to get a quick update in here at least weekly for a while. So here's something I was writing up as I pondered Sophie's recent explosion in a lot of areas... copy and pasted here, so yeah, brag brag brag!


We seem to be getting renewed interest in Starfall, maybe as she realizes its use as she gets more intense about sounding things out. DD is reading out words many times a day now. Tonight it was "Exit" at the restaurant where we grabbed dinner. After saying "There are four squares and that one looks like an I, and a C, and an E" (these were noodle illustrations, penne, curved, and really twisty... took me looking at it from her POV to see how the counter cut off hew view to make the rectangles all look like squares and cut off the twisted pasta picture so it did just look like a cursive sort of E to figure it all out). "And a fork! hahaha..."

She's also really into being read chapter books, and broadening out into books, movies, rides at Disneyland, etc with "scary parts." Not sure what this is all about; she was super timid and still is often, but then she goes on real rollercoasters and asks for scary books. But then some things randomly still scare her.

She's started asking questions, looking for us to reassure her that people/animals do not each ANIMAL fish/mice/chickens/what have you, but just FOOD fish/mice/chickens. I had to speculate today on whether some owls like to eat seeds, especially as she has been an owl all night (she is ALWAYS something). I wonder if this is just something for her to wrap her mind around, or if we'll be going veggy in our home soon....

She's been telling amazing stories about magical creatures and animals. I want to write them down for her just so she can enjoy them someday, but of course I just enjoy them right now. Tonight it was a purple cow was on her straw getting a drink, then it grew a little and sat by her plate to eat, then it grew wings and flew up through the air....

She's obsessed with distinguishing between rhyme and alliteration. She heard me and DH mention this term once (I'm an English teacher, he's a nice nerd, we were talking about how nice something sounded with it) and now she gets it really well. So everything with an echoing sound gets defined, rhyme or alliteration.

And she can suddenly, on her own, draw entire faces and then says "this one is mad because he has no legs!" and scribbles red all over her, and black all over another who is angry some other day... so I showed her some ways to make legs and stick bodies. She completely and perfectly traced a striped cat I had drawn for her. She has been drawing faces and then turning them into suns, saying this is a girl in a sun, this is Sophie in a sun (COSMIC b/c I drew a baby-her in a sun for a life map thingy I made for a model for my students at school). Today it was a girl, who then had fur b/c she was in a kitty costume, apparently. Then the other night she had a rage and methodically knocked every paper and crayon off her art table. I've never seen her like that, but it looked satisfying. It wasn't too hard to get her to clean it up, either. She said she just got mad. (I wonder if it was again cosmic and she KNEW I was having a rough management day and threw that back at me, lol-- the next day the freshmen and I clicked much better!) I want to laugh, it's so temperamental artist, so... me:o

S I guess as a teacher I'm just amazed at each step as she goes. Of course, as a teacher the hardest thing is for me to step out of the way and only help very rarely. She really drives herself, then hits a wall and only sometimes wants us to give her a little guidance.

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