Friday, September 19, 2014


My day: 

Plumbers (calling for the third time to fix one issue, which was the second of two this month). 

(And that's not even mentioning the dryer that's breaking and laundry I did not do because I need to observe it when it goes through the dryer and did I mention...)


Doctor's office 

Dealing with multiple insurance claims issues (second round in a month of insurance refusing to pay for things my kids need because of some random age restriction that baffles everyone).

Spiders (at least they waited to the end of a big courtyard clean out and pruning to present themselves... In the hundreds.)

Kids counting to one hundred... Two hundred...

Kids giggling over Mr Tumnus.

Kids creating a zoo of stuffed animals and telling me, exasperated, how every time they try to get work done in their office an animal calls to have its territory cleaned. 

Kids creating a family tree. 

Kids creating autumnal art. 

Kids asking to do the same one science experiment they love and settling for water colors. 

Kids listening to Stephen Fry reading Paddington. 

Watermelon for dessert. 

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