Monday, October 6, 2014

NaNo 2014

I'm feeling hopeful about National Novel Writing Month this year. The kids are asleep or in bed reading by about eight, consistently. I should be able to type on a laptop rather than my phone (which really hampers writing, although I will miss some of the autocorrect). I'm trying to spend time this month warming up as a writer and planning what I'll write. It's tempting to embark on a new story, just to bang it out and go for the 50k. But it's also tempting to use the challenge to get back into one of my unfinished stories. I really miss Eden and her gang... My ultimate goal is to create a practice of writing, which I imagine I'll begin sharing online... Just to practice and improve. I've set up a cozy writing corner in my own space. So no matter what story I take up, it's a new adventure for me as I move into a season of life with more independent kids!  

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