Friday, November 21, 2008

We're going, going...

...gone, to the place where toad tunnels help keep the toads safe. Where you can get a BUI. Where the police station is made out of hay. Where the famer's market is all you need to live.

Yeah, baby!

We'll be with the family for the whole week. We get to see Aunti M and Bad Dan, we get to do Thanksgiving up right, we get to take our daughter to all our old haunts together, and we get to hit the ten year reunion before heading home again.

I might not be online at all this week. Until I return, here is an awesome post on a nice-looking blog I just found. I am so glad I have only ever been encouraged and supported with nursing thus far.

And some pictures of our sweet sunshine and happy family... (I've really been using flickr like a photo blog so you have to check in there regularly! I don't think I've posted any of these here yet; they are old...)

Reading Green Eggs and Ham


Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!

Dashing off to play!


Happy Halloween from Sophie-cat!

Check it, I got a cracker *munch munch*

Say hi and munching

Wearing Grandpa's hat


Matching mouths

Very pleased with her improving climbing abilities

Happy to cuddle with Daddy


Laughing together

She climbed up on the couch that day for the first time!

Smiling Sophie

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just when I was softening...

Just when I was starting to think we would have to accept Melissa and Doug toys as part of our play kitchen repertoire, I have found a ton about recalls, one as recent as this September in Canada (which doesn't like barium in baby toys! imagine that!). And now there's a whole thread with a lot of bad reviews, on Mothering...

SIGH. I didn't like the look of their "standard measurement" blocks anyway. They looked weird, like they had two different sets of sizes (isn't the WHOLE point to have everything match together?). And I've found some other options for playfood and other accessories. They had the Green Toys tea set and kitchen cookware/table setting/etc set at the toy store at the Carlsbad Outlets, even.... I need to decide what I'm going to pick as her Christmas present! (or presents... maybe just a few things, lol).

Monday, November 17, 2008

We have Nappage...

After waking up at 4:45am on Saturday, Sophie finally wore herself out enough to fall asleep in the car on the way to Costco later that day. We promptly turned the car around and enjoyed her first nap in a week. She slept in a bit more Sunday and napped again, in a closer approximation of a normal sleep routine, and today she is down for her third nap in as many days!

Two weeks ago she napped every day, and I thought that might have been the end of her regularly not napping-- she would do every other day on average. But then last week happened. Is she seriously going to nap only every other week???

I hope she naps while we're up in Davis next week, because we'll want to be able to go out for dinner and stuff, and I don't want her down at 5pm every night.

I am getting so excited about our trip, and so is she. She talks about how we'll drive drive drive and see Nonna and Poppa and Trevor and Melissa and Dan and Bimi and AJ... and kids (at the day care) and Christa and Allie.... and she's interested ("OoooOOOOO!") when I talk about her meeting my friends, some of whom she's never met.

We haven't had a REAL visit with my parent since August, and it's been longer for many folks. I'm so stoked! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who needs sleep?

Well, you're never gonna get it.

If you do not have a baby/toddler impeding your ability to get some sleep, please please please sleep when you can. Dashing Daddy and I are both sick with nasty colds (he's been coughing for a week and I am diving into the depths of snot and coughs and headaches and the "cold buzz" I get and I didn't even take any meds... I swear I thought I sleep-took-tylenol because I was so buzzy last night!). Sophie napped every day last week, easily... and now she's not napping AT ALL (Daddy got her down for a brief nap yesterday after a looooong walk, but that's been in for a week) and waking at 5am. Nothing like waking in the dark with a tiny face aglow from the DVR clock and a cheerful, "Hi!"

I'm trying to read all the reasons online why toddlers refuse sleep. Either she's about to get 15 teeth all at once, about to make some huge breakthrough like being able to order sushi for herself, or she's a genius, lol. I'm trying to focus on the possible upsides here. Like having HER get the sashimi from now on, darnit.

Luckily Grandma gave us a nice break this afternoon. And she's totally into starfall right now-- she comes over and starts going, "starfall?starfall.starfall?starfall?starfall?" and I say, "You want to play Starfall?" "OOOOHHHHH." I head over to the computer. "Please," she adds. And she emphatically picks the letters she wants to do (I don't let her use the mouse yet-- I'm too afraid she'll reformat the hardrive in a few messy clicks, so she points and I follow orders). Yeah, it's a bit much of screen time (I was just checking out what it was b/c I kept hearing about it, and she saw and wanted to see the "ABCDs"), but if she gets to watch PBS kids when she's sick, I get to use the internets to help me out when I'm sick. It's nice to sit all cozy with her and laugh at the funny animation.

Ah well, another night, another headache. I'm hitting the ibeprofin. I really hope to do a nice update on what we're all doing soon... maybe tonight once the meds kick in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, we did! ...and yes, we still can...

Wait, actually I DO want to mug for the camera!

Celebrating Election Day with Daddy


And defeat. It's really bittersweet in California today. I'm glad about how most of the state initiatives went countrywide, except for Prop 8 and the others like it across the country. I guess Obama's victory shows that progress makes its way; sometimes it seems slow and sometimes stunningly fast. I hope it doesn't take another 60 years to get rights back for everyone in California and the nation. I can't believe it only took 51% of people (after an expensive campaign with deceptive ads) to take rights away from a minority. I would have thought our constitution would have been better protected than that. This is the stuff (along with the hateful McCain/Palin supporters we got to see this year) that makes me think the Handmaid's Tale could still happen! Blah!

But we'll keep fighting that, and we'll get there. The country is headed in a much better direction now! And we're trying to focus on this huge huge historical moment and celebrate!

Pointing out Daddy's sticker

Trying to take our own picture, trying not to make funny faces

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hee hee

Don't Speak for Me, Sarah Palin

Apologies to Mr. Weber. Okay, not really because that was funny!