Saturday, January 3, 2009

Long-Overdue Sophie Update

For all of you reading along for your Sophie news fix, I apologize. We've been so BUSY playing and baking and sewing and everything, I have let this slide. And then it got to be a big thing I had to catch up on, so it was harder and harder to get to. Now I really need to just ramble on for a few days and hope I record for baby book-dom all the wonderful things Sophie has been up to lately. This will be horribly vague and out of order. But it's all Sophie fun, which is great!

So, starting recently... Sophie can sing the entire chorus of "Mama Mia" by herself, but typically asks me to sing it with her (in the grocery store, repeatedly, of course!). It is something beyond cute when she sings "something broke-en heart-ed, bluuuuuue since the day we PART-ed..." LOL. We watched the movie with Nonna and Grandma for a special after-Christmas treat, and she got really into the ABBA music. We've been dancing along to Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, and a few other classics, since then.

Sophie is definitely into music and movement right now. She can climb to the top of the couches now, by herself, pretty consistently. "Way top!" she exclaims with glee. She can sing along with dozens of songs, getting pretty much all the lyrics, but she tends to peeter out when I ask her to do it on her own. When I catch her singing to herself, she can do it well but tends to get into loops and just do snatches. It's really endearing all the time, though. Some of her favorites are Chicken Soup with Rice, Baby Beluga, the Library Song, Goodnight My Angel, Goodnight My Someone, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Zipidee Doo Da, Skinamarinki Dinki Doo, and of course many Christmas carols she is still asking for a bit. "Christmas carol?"

She has also become quite a dancer. She loves to dance along with ballet we've watched on TV/youtube (it all started with a few minutes of the Nutcracker for the Christmas experience), and also techno like "I like to Move it" from Madagascar. And of course ABBA, and anything else fun and fast. We leap and spin and shake around the living room! She likes to use her new ribbom streamers Mama made her for Christmas (thanks to Nonna for the old curtain rings for the handles!).

We got a toddler yoga book out of the library yesterday, and she's been obsessed with it. She keeps asking for "yoga"-- so cute. We get down on the floor and flop around, although for many poses she's quite good, and with a bit of guidance she can do most of them, and gets this VERY proud look on her face. I think my woes about not being able to do a workout for more than three minutes are over for now, as long as I include her!

Oh, lordy, I started THIS post three weeks ago!

I'm going to go ahead and post it, and add more later!

Friday, January 2, 2009

So behind...

I have been meaning to write up a huge what Sophie's doing now post for months, but we've been sick over and over for months, too, so it's still coming...

I just had to share a great idea I just heard--now, this is just for mamas of toddlers-- keep remote controls in plastic baggies so that if they get dumped in the toilet, they don't get ruined. They'll work thru the bags and are safe! If I ever have a kid who is into everything like that, I want to remember that tip.