Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Imagination

Smiling for the camera

So I wanted to jot down a bunch of the cute games Sophie loves to play lately. I think it was around 14mo she started doing real pretend play, putting her little baby dolls down on the couch pillows and saying sleepy or night night or something like that. Soon she was saying that EVERYthing was sad or happy, like, her baby was sad, sad, sad, boohoo (and tilted it down to the floor) and then gave it hugs and kisses and said now it's happyhappyhappy (and bounced it around). We played this out with dolls, water bottles, my boob, you name it. Pretty funny.


She's been doing more and more intense make-believe in the last few months. The playmobil nativity set made her obsessed with playing with tiny dolls, acting out circle time, going to the bookstore, jumping up, climbing and sliding. We had one day where we made up stories with sock puppets and her ugly dolls, and she's always got her "finger babies" at the ready (we use our fingers to be legs, and they swing, climb, jump, say Hi! hi! Hi! to each other, and sometimes now one is Sophie and one is Uma).

Super awesome

Sophie is ALWAYS coming up to me saying "This is the baby This is the mommy" and it's like the big hairbrush and the little one, or the big water glass and little one, or a bottle of soap and a wooden playfood jam jar. And she started putting in Daddy a lot, too. She decided her big toe is the daddy, the next is mommy, and the pinky is baby. Then she pointed to the two left and said, "and who are THESE guys?" And then the mommy and baby have to say Hi! hi! to each other, and then play on the playground (my leg or book makes a good slide) or jump or dance or ice skate or go to the library or eat different food or something.

Showing off gorgeous daddy-doll
Or getting his hair done, LOL.

She loves to make her dolls have birthday parties, and acts it all out, and picks one whose birthday it is and sings to them. And she has played with her play kitchen, cooking and saying "wait wait wait DING! It's READY!" since last fall. But she gets more involved now, and it's cute to see her roll out her dough and bake a cake for her dolls' party.

Red Baby was picking off the sticky dots

Okay, there's enough stream of consciousness writing on that. I really wanted to get some of the details down so we don't forget her cute games. It's too much; lately she's started making up these complex stories her fingers or dolls are going through.

Happy with her bunny

Other things going on imagination related: I know this is just in my head, but I'm pretty sure the universe gave me a nice ironic kick in the butt today.

To the two women who chatted at lunch today: Thank you for being so sweet about Sophie looking at you and waving and saying hi and being interested in all around her. Thank you for admiring her manners and cuteness and thank you for saying lovely things about my mothering. That made my day.

Kissing her bunny.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the day. Hubris smack-down awaited. Sophie wouldn't take a nap until pretty late, and she was fragile afterwards... she started SCREAMING and crying for endless repeated bouts for an hour or so after her nap. And honestly, I am sick of nursing her like a newborn. She's been sick twice in a row here and is now teething FOUR teeth, two molars and two canines!!! But it's hard to nurse and play and nurse and play and then listen to sudden screaming cries. So I got to feel like world's worst mom by 4pm. I'm not sure if Sophie or I won the house drama queen title for the day.

With her new golf clubs she requested (as surly as she looks here)

Poor Sophie did better after a little while with Daddy. And she DID pee in the potty again this morning, and sat on it again later willingly.

Finally, we're off to the land of imagination once again tomorrow: we had to delay our trip when Sophie puked all over me (that's what I get for trying to dress like a put-together wife ONE TIME: puke all over me!!!), but David spent a bit of his birthday money to upgrade our Disney tix to an ongoing pass. So we get to go any time we want now (weekdays and not big holiday times). So that's where we'll be tomorrow! Yay!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

Three days of almost no sleep caught up with me. My poor Sophie girl went from playing happily with her friends to sickie-poos and throwing up and hanging limply on her mama. I was really impressed that she stopped throwing up by the time we went to sleep for the night, and then she just had yucky poos and sat on me and nursed/napped/watched PBS kids all day. She got up and played a bit each day, even, and was almost back to normal yesterday... enough to not even nap!!! so by 8pm when she was FINALLY down (she had slept in til 8am b/c of waking once or twice in the night), I felt totally burned out. For the past couple nights, I was either waking up a lot to settle her down, change sickie-poos, or sit on the couch with her nursing/sleeping on my lap, b/c it was the only thing that made her feel better (and cooler I think! Smart girl!) Of course, by the time Dashing Daddy was home, it was clear I was getting sick. And when I awoke in the night to see him propped up, not sleeping, I guessed correctly that he was, too.

We both felt sooooo gross this morning, but we are doing all right. We had to send Sophie to Grandma's house all day. I missed my girl! But I know we needed the rest and after a week cooped up inside, she was probably better off with a good playmate at a new house. She wasn't nursing much yesterday anyway. Oh yeah, last night I realized she has at least two of her last molars coming in-- got a glimpse of the bottom back of her mouth. Add that to the one upper canine coming in right now, and wow!

I hope we all get some good rest tonight. I am tired of feeling so lousy. Whine, whine, whine.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Yogi

Butterfly pose

So for V-day Nonna got Sophie a Yoga Kids DVD, and we watched it again this week and that night Sophie had fun showing Daddy all the poses she remembered.

Warrier pose

She also goes around singing, sometimes pressing her hands together, "Namaste, namaste, namaste" like a song on the DVD. So cute!

Triangle pose

Volcano pose exploding!

Turtle pose (saying "Hello!")

Downward dog

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby's First Simile

So we're driving down the 101, having just scored some See Kai Run shoes (super soft yet protective rubber and leather shoes, good for developing feet) at 50%, and Sophie is happily wearing them, ready to show Daddy and Grandma as soon as we get home. We stick to the 101 instead of the 5 so we can enjoy the ocean. We're chatting about the ocean and what we see, and the new shoes... and then Sophie says her "shoes blue like the blue ocean." Now, I don't know for a fact that this is her first simile, but I do know that I had said nothing about blue beyond "new blue shoes!" She went on to say her shoes were blue like the blue houses (we were passing lovely beach bungalows), and blue like blue flowers! Wonderful.

These are magic shoes.

Showing me her new shoes

New blue shoes

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am so totally doing this! Soon you'll see little figures pasted onto all of my family's clothing.

I've actually wanted to do this, to make my own super-cute (but very very cheap) clothes for Sophie, but I didn't know how. Now I do! Yay!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Calm Weekend

The kitchen is clean, the fridge is cleaned out, the towels are in the dryer and the diapers in the wash, and dinner is maybe cooking in the slow cooker... the knob broke off a month ago, but it was still working if you used a towel to turn it... now the seasoned chicken and carrots we were going to eat all weekend are simmering incredibly lightly. Hmm! First my rice cooker died on me, and now this?! Granted, the crock pot sat for the first five years of our marriage unused (sorry, Brian! it was a lovely gift) but we have adored it and used it once or twice a week lately. And it dies?! It's at least incredibly sick, it seems. Boo!

Sophie found a golf ball at the park this week, and asked me if she could throw it. I advised her it was heavy and hard and better for rolling on the ground. She told me she needed a bat. I told her it would actually be a golf club, and to ask Daddy to share his when we got home. She remembered, and so now they are swinging a huge club around the living room taking gentle whacks at the ball and trying to get it in her monkey cup. Pretty cute.

I still have quite a bit of cleaning to do, but I also want to get some writing in today and tomorrow. It's nice to settle in for a long stretch knowing that I'm not delaying Dashing Daddy's work hours.

Sophie just said, "Let's go get it!" re: the golf ball. Her sentences keep getting longer and more complete. She also gave us quite the dramatic performance today at lunch, crying a little but mostly eating the scenery rather than the pizza, complete with hand gestures. I mean, raised hand, fingers splayed, shaking up and down, returning to cover her face, streak down her cheeks, back out in dramatic flourish... we applauded her when she was done and she seemed to appreciate that.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So what's going on...

I just heard I'm being transferred to a different high school next year, where every class meets daily. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for perfect scheduling so I can go for 3-4 hours daily and not get stuck with periods 1 and 4 and be totally screwed.

A few other moms and I finally started a writing group and had our first meeting. We're going to keep each other motivated and share our individual areas of expertise. I got back into my novel finally, after a week or more, and realized (after pounding out two new scenes and reworking some messy info dump about midway through) that I've added over 7,000 words since starting revisions. Not bad! So now it's like 57K and closing in on 58K. I bet I add a LOT of words with the new side adventure I'm planning to add to the second half, and the big expansion of the final showdown with the big bad of book #1.

Then all I have left is writing the rest of book #2, and writing all of book #3, including slogging through three notebooks of passionate and crazy notes. And getting readers. And revising. And editing. And writing queries and summaries and getting 1,000 rejections. Yay!

I would write these novels even if no one else could ever read them. I have to write them. But it's nice to dream about getting published some day.

And it's particularly gratifying to listen to my sweet Sophie start to make up stores. "Once upon a time... Sophie! and... Icebat! AAANNNNNDDDD... Peako! shoes and socks! Go to park. Playyyyy. Play and Play and Play. Saaand. Swing." (The End)

I love it! I asked her questions and modeled a few things one time through, and after that she just went and made up all these little stories about her or her two Ugly Dolls going on daily adventures.

She also took one of her socks and invented sock puppets :) And made me do one, too, because whatever she finds can be turned into a baby and a mama (finger-babies, leaves, rocks, poles, napkins, water glasses, toes, whatever!) and often daddy and "who are these odder guys?" when there are extra toes, lol. So she prompted me to make a mama sock puppet and they went on adventures all around the park, too. They climbed trees and ran across the lawn to the path, and searched and searched for their friends Peako and Icebat.

This is the kind of thing I could do all day, every day.

(I'll post pictures of Sophie wearing her Uglies in my silk sling all bundled around her tiny torso as soon as I get them!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Picking Right Back Up...

Can't cover the months of backlog... can't dwell on what I should be recapping... must just write what's going on NOW!

We went to the zoo today. Sophie enjoyed petting some goats. "Go to the zoo. Pet some goats!" was her plan, she told us. We found some awesome apes thanks to our mama friends.

Happy on her tortoise

Niiiiiice goat

Sophie enjoyed her very first trip to Disneyland on Daddy's birthday. She was a bit unsure about the rides in general, but enjoyed the submarine, pirates, tiki room, and small world a lot. She was sooo excited and not scared at all at meeting Mickey Mouse!

Mouse ears!

Meeting Mickey Mouse!

Mommy and Sophie with the castle

Looking at some idol

Funny clock!


Did you see this yet on flickr? Thanks to the Queen of Hearts, Sophie fell in love with Valentine's Day...
Cozy with the Queen of Hearts

K, that's all I've got. I'm out!