Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Getting Crowded...

There are all kinds of articles like this one about how Americans are getting oh-so-thrifty. I think it's great, because turning away from materialism and excessive consumption and competitiveness is going to be better for our world and maybe nudge a few folks closer to contentment.

But dangit, the library is so crowded now! And I'm not the only mom up early at garage sales and thrift stores anymore. Everyone is now doing what we've already been doing. I'm happy for them, I really am... I guess I'm just going to see myself as an incredible trendsetter.

I still laugh at all the "ways to save" that are really ways to still spend money on STUFF, just like "going green" pushes for slightly better STUFF that still puts demands on our resources.

We shopped for Sophie's birthday party supplies today, and MAN the plastic junk we had to wade through to find the few things we needed (we use cloth napkins at home, but for an outdoor party with this many people, we needed a few napkins and recyclable cups). I HATE SHOPPING. No matter what the task or trip, by the end I'm totally weary and headachey. It's the stimulation of the stores I think. And the miles of STUFF.

Sophie sure had fun playing with the Schleich animals and a few other really nice things in Target. It's amazing what's becoming more and more available at mainstream stores. I'd still rather hang out at Magical Child, and most of the time I find I have to go online for our oh-so-necessary STUFF, lol, but it's still nice to see the options opening up at places like Target, because not everybody lives in cool crunchy places.

Tomorrow we go for more STUFF (okay, food, and real food even) at Costco and then the new farmer's market that's opening up just around the corner from us! I hope Sophie takes an early nap so we can hang out there and show our support all day. And get lots of tasty produce!